RENT CHEQUE: A Night of Civilian Striptease

This essay was originally published on Slutever

I’m visiting Vancouver – where I grew up – and the city is pretty much how it always was: wet, enthusiastic about unnecessary physical activity, packed with Lululemon-clad clones and sporting what could be described as a faltering nightlife. But for the past four years, Vancouver has been host to at least one event that deviates from this norm, and which offers up an alternative way of thinking about bodies, sex, capitalism and consent. Rent Cheque, which takes place on the last Friday of every month in Vancouver, Canada, is a night of civilian striptease.

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Leonard Cohen: The Anti-Muse Manifesto

This essay was originally published on Slutever (November 24, 2016)

Many a bespectacled boy has tricked me (as in, I tricked myself) into believing there was a direct correlation between the glass and plastic on his face and above-average intelligence. Chances are, it had more to do with imperfect vision. I often find myself thinking that men who read must have high emotional intelligence, but more often than not they’ve never read outside the White Male Genius Canon in their lives, and wouldn’t know nuance if it smacked them in the face (subtly).

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