Proof of Pleasure

This essay appears in Issue 3 of Phile Magazine (2018).

Squirting has several, often contradictory, mythologies. It is at once erotic, repulsive, an unsolvable mystery, a given, evidence, hearsay, piss, cum, all of the above, none of the above. All anyone can seem to agree on is that it is (if it is) wet. Squirting floats (gushes) in and out of that sensual dream realm other erotic feminine myths occupy, somewhere between virginity and vagina dentata. But squirting is no legend. It’s real, it’s visible, it’s tangible, it’s wet.

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Introducing Phile Magazine: 'The International Journal of Desire & Curiosity'

This essay was originally published on Slutever

Phile features artists and writers ranging from scholars to sex workers (not that the two are mutually exclusive), and everything in between, in an attempt to “bridge the gap between the academic and the practical.”

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