On the Frontlines with LESTE Mag: Championing a New Era of Erotic Print

This essay was originally published on Slutever

Beautifully designed and printed erotic magazines are having a renaissance (think: Odiseo, Phile, Math, and Archer), and at the helm of the most interesting and subversive publications are a constellation of women dedicated to reimagining – and re-sourcing – the complex conversations surrounding sex, sexuality and the erotic.

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Leonard Cohen: The Anti-Muse Manifesto

This essay was originally published on Slutever (November 24, 2016)

Many a bespectacled boy has tricked me (as in, I tricked myself) into believing there was a direct correlation between the glass and plastic on his face and above-average intelligence. Chances are, it had more to do with imperfect vision. I often find myself thinking that men who read must have high emotional intelligence, but more often than not they’ve never read outside the White Male Genius Canon in their lives, and wouldn’t know nuance if it smacked them in the face (subtly).

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