Review: Louis Fratino at Sikkema Jenkins & Co

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Although acutely following the tradition of artists like Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, Fratino’s canvases are neither derivative nor pastiche. Rather, in a stroke of generative revisionism, the works here inscribe the straight art-historical canon with the prosaic and intimate junctions of gay life today.

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CURRICULUM: Spaces of Learning and Unlearning, Review

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Mining affects such as color, atmosphere, and ritual, the works in “CURRICULUM: spaces of learning and unlearning” offer alternative networks of care and collectivity in response to, and in place of, institutions.

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On Algis Norvila's Photo Series “Memento”

The containers in Norvila’s photo series “Memento” – primarily wooden drawers, but on occasion simply white space – accommodate what he calls “the things needed to keep a house going.” That the maintenance of a house (and creation of a home) is something of a Sisyphean task – a painstaking race against inevitable decay – is attested to in these photos. And yet the contents of the drawers, tins, buckets and white space in the photographs interpose a sense of stillness, a hermetic containment of time, an embalming. “Memento” grapples with this tension between static and dynamic modes of remembering and re-articulation.

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