Bloodshed in Suburbia: On Todd Haynes' Safe (1995)

This essay appeared in Issue 2 of The Film Atlas.

In an uncharacteristic move to “try something new,” Carol White gets a perm in a green marble, mirrored room. Carol, a hesitantly self-described “homemaker,” suffers from a mysterious and multi-symptomatic illness despite (or because of) her profoundly insular, conventional, and hermetic world.

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Prospero and Yellow String: Carré's Embers

This review was originally published in the Berlin Film Journal (October 8th, 2015).

Like all good science fiction, Claire Carré’s Embers transcends its genre. It does not bask in its temporality nor its teleology, rather, it renders fragments of experience visceral and haunting without weighing itself down with plot drive and resolution.

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