On Algis Norvila's Photo Series “Memento”

The containers in Norvila’s photo series “Memento” – primarily wooden drawers, but on occasion simply white space – accommodate what he calls “the things needed to keep a house going.” That the maintenance of a house (and creation of a home) is something of a Sisyphean task – a painstaking race against inevitable decay – is attested to in these photos. And yet the contents of the drawers, tins, buckets and white space in the photographs interpose a sense of stillness, a hermetic containment of time, an embalming. “Memento” grapples with this tension between static and dynamic modes of remembering and re-articulation.

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Five Artists Making Erotic Art in the 21st Century

This essay was originally published on Slutever

I argue that nothing is inherently erotic. And therefore everything can be erotic. Drawing boundaries around what is and isn’t erotic is kind of like drawing boundaries around what is and isn’t sex, what should and should not turn you on – you can’t do it for someone else. Erotica is, for all intents and purposes, in the eye of the beholder.

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