A Reading of a Transcript of a Rally

On November 6th, 2016, a group of artists and writers gathered in front of a crowd on the High Line in New York City and read responses to Zoe Leonard’s seminal 1992 text ‘I want a president’ – which had been blown up and wheatpasted onto a nearby wall. The book that grew from this pre-election rally is I want a president: Transcript of a Rally.

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A Brief History of CyberFeminism

This essay was originally published on Slutever

Like all so-called “histories”, this one is imperfect, and incomplete. This Brief History is a 6-point look at a few of the movements, exhibitions and theories that make up cyberfeminism - whatever that may mean. It’s a curated patchwork held loosely together by a common feminist hope for, and vision of, the future - a more subversive, metallic, raucous, queer future populated by hacker chicks and cyborg femmes.

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Hail Marys

Where Ma spills over with quiet embodiment, m/Other stages the disembodiment of language. Ma is told through the movement of silent bodies, and m/Other is a non-narrative, bodiless exploration of verbality. Both works are preoccupied with the maternal image and the distortion of a problematic narrative. The two together are a re-assemblage of dislocated parts, a convergence of subversive articulations.

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